We provide all aspects of remote health including remote physiologic monitoring, remote therapeutic monitoring and telehealth with behavioral health integration. We specialize in outpatient office and facility remote health such as Hospital, SNF, Rehabilitation Centers, Independent and Assisted Living Communities, Private Duty, Group Home and Patient Home.

Our goal is to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations so that patients can remain healthy in the comfort of their own home.

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How it works

You will receive 1-2 FDA approved cellular vital devices. The Clinical Call Center will teach and train you and/or caregiver how to take your vitals and the importance of doing this daily. Once you have taken your vitals, all data is transmitted to telehealth clinicians. Clinicians monitor the data and proactively alert the Remote Health Physician of any vital sign that requires medical attention, ensuring timely interventions.

Should medical intervention be required, the Remote Health Physician will reach out to your following physician for medical recommendation.
Covered by most insurances with a compliance of 16 daily readings/mo.

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FDA Approved Cellular Devices

Designed to give you peace of mind at home.

Total Remote Health Services allows your provider to have up-to-date clinical insight into your care. Your provider will be alerted if medical intervention is required.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), is a communication system used to monitor, record and transmit vital sign information for clinical review. The purpose of RPM is to reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital and to help the you better manage your health in the home.

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Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care and Behavioral Health Integration.

TRH incorporates remote physiologic monitoring RPM/chronic care management CCM/transitional care management TCM/behavioral health integration BHI into your medical venue.

Our platform, device management, and medical team coverage brings improved client/patient safety and revenue to your organization.

Transitioning Through Medical Venues

Your organization will use TRH as a full service remote care staff to keep your patients/clients healthy. We integrate your entire staff to promote a healthier environment that prevents medical over utilization.

Connecting Patients to Progress

TRH web platform and mobile app uses bidirectional cellular hub, LTE tablet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for best possible patient connectivity, including wearables and ADT 4G GPS fall device and medical alert. Tablet Hub to provide battery-powered connectivity during power outages for continued mobile patient/family connection. Auto connect security camera option to provide “window into client’s home” for review of living area safety and communication.

Rehabilitation and Behavioral
Health facilities

With special focus on medication compliance, behavioral health integration, continued patient connectivity and close follow-up after discharge.

Behavioral Health Integration or BHI is an effective strategy for improving behavioral outcomes for millions of Americans.

While RPM addresses the physical needs of the patient, BHI addresses the psychological needs of the patient. Utilized to manage overall well-being, depression, anxiety, and functioning.

Patient and Family Access
Family and outside care team will have full access to up-to-date information through mobile app or web access.

TRH Mobile App has wellness functions including alcohol consumption monitoring, smoking cessation, hydration index, stress level input, calorie/meal plan evaluation and pain symptom tracking.

ADT 4G GPS fall device and medical alert available at a greater than 50% discount with included MD review, evaluation and management of each alert episode. ADT is the national leader in personal

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Our Watching Wellness program